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New England – Maine
Youngtown Inn & Restaurant
Youngtown Inn & Restaurant: A Traveler Recommendation A Traveler Recommendation
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581 Youngtown Road
Route 52 & Youngtown Road
Lincolnville, ME 04849
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Credit Cards Welcome: AMEX VISA MC
6 Rooms, Double Occupancy: $160.00 – $185.00*
1 Suite, Double Occupancy: $160.00 – $185.00*
*Tax Not Included: 7%
Open: All Year

Youngtown Inn & Restaurant, Lincolnville
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Breakfast at Youngtown Inn & Restaurant, Lincolnville
Megunticook Lake, Lincolnville
Souffle for Dessert at Youngtown Inn & Restaurant, Lincolnville

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Traveler Recommendation of
Youngtown Inn & Restaurant:
I don’t usually take the time to write a review, but it is such a hidden treasure I had to share! We stopped for dinner and a night’s sleep here en route to Canada the night before Thanksgiving. Even though the restaurant was fairly busy we received a gracious welcome. The food was beautifully prepared and very tasty indeed. I had the often-recommended rack of lamb – cooked exactly the way I asked – and my friend had the special – an ostrich steak that looked and tasted like filet mignon. He also had the crab cake appetizer – unbelievably light and fluffy. Shared a creme brulee that was just right. Really good quality food, prepared with thought and flare and a very pretty inn. Good wine list and very friendly, efficient service. The big surprise was breakfast the next morning – included – which consisted of juice, coffee, fresh croissants, butter, homemade jam, a half a pineapple (artistically cut, like a Japanese carving) and THEN – when I figured we had finished – the chef whipped up some pumpkin pancakes with hot syrup – (it WAS Thanksgiving by then, after all) that were as light and fluffy as the crab cakes the night before. And all of this as they prepared to feed a hundred people over lunch and dinner. Sure beat the heck out of our usual stopover at a motel somewhere between Portland and Bangor… We’ll DEFINITELY go back. A terrific place.
- Kenneth Dolley (June 23, 2010)

Room #4 at Youngtown Inn & Restaurant, LincolnvilleBreakfast at Youngtown Inn & Restaurant, LincolnvilleSouffle for Dessert at Youngtown Inn & Restaurant, LincolnvilleMegunticook Lake, Lincolnville

Air Conditioning in Guestrooms Breakfast Included No Children Credit Cards Welcome: AMEX VISA MC Dinner Served Upon Request Direct Dial Phone in Guestrooms Working Fireplaces in Guestrooms Internet Access Available for Guests Some Non-Smoking Guestrooms Parking Available (Free ) Restaurant TVs in Guestrooms Wedding Facilities Golf Course within 6 mi
Phone: 207-763-4290 Tollfree: 800-291-8438
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HUFFINGTON POST Inns With Fabulous Honeymoon Packages
Edition: U.S.

Inns With Fabulous Honeymoon Packages

Posted: 09/17/2012 7:00 am

First comes the wedding. You say your vows, share a public kiss as bride and groom and walk down the aisle. Then it’s time to celebrate! As you dance your first dance as a married couple, toast to your future and tenderly serve each other slices of wedding cake at the reception, you know what’s coming: the honeymoon.

Ahh, but before all that can happen, meticulous planning must take place. Create the distinctive destination or adventure honeymoon of your dreams, then relax and enjoy marital bliss at one of these inns that offer affordable packages.

The Inn at Mount Vernon Farm in Sperryville, Virginia provides true southern hospitality. Indulge in two luxurious nights in the two-room Owner’s Suite with a claw foot tub or three romantic nights in the Music Room with a private library. The honeymoon package includes breakfast, fresh flowers, and a celebratory bottle of champagne. Take your romance to new heights when you book a hot-air balloon ride for a birds-eye view of Shenandoah National Park.

Strong House Inn in Vergennes, Vermont, congratulates couples with chocolates and sparkling wine upon arrival. Watch the sunset from the balcony of Le Petit Chateau or curl up next to the stone fireplace in the Adirondack Room. Cherish two nights together, a relaxing Swedish massage, and breakfast each morning for $810 ($870 during fall foliage). Escape from the rest of the world with a romantic honeymoon in the smallest city in the country.

Greenville Inn at Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine, boasts an elegant Victorian setting and romantic mountain views. You and your sweetie can take advantage of the four-night honeymoon package starting at $842. Sip champagne, nibble on cheese and crackers in a guest room or suite and listen to a commemorative CD of soft music. Take a walk on the wild side together from May until October, and schedule a guided safari to see gigantic moose, the largest animals in the north woods.




The Youngtown Inn in Lincolnville, Maine, offers a unique package for $480. Spend two nights in the 1810 farmhouse. Savor a gourmet breakfast each morning and linger over a four-course dinner at the nationally reviewed Youngtown Inn Restaurant. Only 1 mile from the Cellardoor Winery  Share quiet moments sitting together on the verandah or see the sights of nearby Camden Harbor while holding hands. Call 1800 2918438


No matter what direction you want to go, or which season you will travel in, you can find a memorable  package that will be all you hope for and more. Whether you fell in love with the quiet, shy type or an adventuresome, thrill seeker, one of these amazing inns will be perfect for the romantic honeymoon of your dreams.

–Julie Dietzel-Glair


Please call (207) 763-4290 for reservations